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Competing with past masters…

31 Aug

Taro fields in the Hanalei valley.I have been planning to give a fine art landscape photograph of the Hanalei Valley in Hawaii to the Kauai museum in Lihue. I was told that someone had photographed the valley with a large format camera, many decades ago.

When I spoke with the curator today, it seems, she saw my version for the first time. Sounded like she liked it a lot. Okay, I like it too. And they would like to show my new color photograph with the old black and white one. So I’m donating. My print will by in the mail soon.

If you want a print, look for it on as made by “mUrRaYr3”. (My own name was already in use.)


Making art…

28 Aug

Bunches of Lilies

Lilies in springtime

Here is a stereotype I discovered. It is a stereotype because it is true for most artists. We started making art in the same way as everyone else. We don’t exactly remember this, because we were too small and it was so long ago we can’t quite remember.

One sunny day, you (and I) were playing outside. We saw a big bright flower in our mother’s garden and tore it off the bush or out of the ground. We marched it proudly and with love, into the house and presented it to her. She looked at us and saw a cute kid, who she loved, a beautiful flower and a couple of years of gardening destroyed. She cried, for all of those reasons.

We still make art for the same reasons we had for ripping up mom’s garden. We don’t destroy gardens any more, I hope. We don’t do it to make our mothers cry. With love and pride, we discover beauty and share it with those around us.

Art as an recession-proof investment.

28 Aug

Art as an recession-proof investment..