Naked before God

7 Sep

Ke'e beach, Kauai, HI

Ke'e beach, Kauai, HI

When we look inside ourselves, as artists, we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears. It is dark and it is silent. Inside the dark and silence there are peaceful shadows and gentle echoes. We have to look and listen with greater sensitivity. Look, listen; there is something there, something beautiful. It is the source of our art. We do not see it clearly; we do not understand it; we do not own it. It belongs to god.

     What we can learn, if we pay sufficient attention, is about beauty. Inside us all, I believe, is the beautiful child that we were. It is the person we were when we were small and wonderful. The person that adults always wanted to pick up and hold on their laps. They smiled when we spoke, when we said beautiful, unexpected things.

     They loved the beauty that is so transparent in a young child and we basked in the glow of their love. We are still the same people, with a few more experiences, a series of shells, with a few more protective layers, a bit more time. That beauty, inside us, is ourselves, the artists that we are, the source of art.  And this is what will be left of us when we die. We need to find this thing inside ourselves and be this beautiful thing, every day, every moment.


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