Promote your art – an eMail for Carol

9 Sep

Snow on a creek-bed.

I just got an email from Carol, an artist, and another not long before that from another artist, a man. They are making really nice art and struggling. Carol was asking me about online galleries, selling websites, where she has had limited success. He is wondering if he is an artist. (He sure is, pretty good too.) My answer:

I am developing my own website, but that is just the beginning. We have to do everything possible to find customers and friends who will assist us in finding them. Promote, promote, promote. And don’t give up. The most common mistake a person can make is to give up.

Jay Conrad Levinson has written a great book: “Guerrilla Social Media Marketing” which I think you ought to get. If the library doesn’t have one, your local bookstore should be able to sell you one. This book is the key to the city. It tells you what you can do and how you should do it.

I just finished sending another email, in which I said that I couldn’t send my copy because I was helping other people. The beauty in Mr. Levinson’s methods is that you spend little if any cash. Nice. Very nice.

Back to the good site question: eBay. I think that might be the one. Then, you should really know what you are doing before you get into that. You can lose money and waste time if you don’t get it right.


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