Ordeal or Adventure

17 Sep

Deserted farmhouse

Deserted farmhouse

I like to think that the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is simply attitude. If I were a refugee who had no option but to leave home, and travel for thousands of miles to safety and comfort, it might well be an ordeal. The distance might be the same, but a Hawaiian jungle hike is an adventure,

I know a photographer who has recently had an operation to try to remove a cancer from his brain. It was diagnosed after he noticed that he was seeing double. Medical investigation showed that a tumor was pressing on the optic nerve, causing him to see double. Suddenly, it seemed, it was all over.

Sean Connor, photojournalist, never gave up. Sent hundreds of miles to Vancouver, for emergency surgery, he took his camera and made photographs to be proud of. Although his existence changed from a wage-earning visual artist to a recovering patient, he just kept going.

Sean keeps going. He recently got involved in the Facebook adventure. You can follow his medical journey on Facebook at:


The group is called: Sean to Vancouver Adventure. I see an attitude in play here. This is a guy who takes the cards he is dealt and plays with them. He might feel like giving up, but he doesn’t.

Part of his story is documented at:


The story is not over. Sean can’t work, so has no income. His cancer is not gone; he needs at least one further operation, available only in New York and California. He has no money for transportation to Loma Linda, California or for living expenses for him and his wife.

Don Sipos, a long-time friend of Sean’s has stepped up, to try and raise the necessary funds. Don doesn’t know how to not do this. He is a stroke survivor and suffers from a devastating arthritis of the back (Ankylosing spondylitis), but he continues, working hard to help his friend, Sean.

Don has approached quite a few potential corporate sponsors, and he reports some success. He got the idea that an auction of photographs and other artwork could help. So he organized that too. I realized that I knew nothing about fundraising, but I can write and I can make photographs. So, in support, of Sean and Don, I have written this and I am planning to donate at least one giclee on canvas fine art print, which I made to hang over the fireplace in my living room.

If I can find more that I like well enough, I’ll donate them as well. How can you help? Maybe you can tell everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Maybe you can send him money by PayPal. Don has set up his Paypal to deposit money into a bank account for Sean. It is:


Please forward to everyone you know and ask them to do the same…


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