Sean Connor Art and Photography Benefit Auction

23 Sep

Tulip Magnolia

Tulip Magnolia

I have been blogging and posting all over the web, and I saw no results. It felt like a big waste of time and I was starting to become discouraged. Then Facebook made the story a top news item. People started thinking I was an important player in making this event. I have to correct this impression. I am not important here. All I’m doing is writing, encouraging and brainstorming. And, with my poor excuse for a brain, I ought to admit that my brainstorming is pretty lame.

Don Sipos, a longtime photographer and longtime friend of Sean’s is doing so much. Not bad for a stroke survivor, not bad at all! This guy’s the hero. He called me a few minute ago with news. He was excited because:

Pizza Hut on Harvey donated a car full of bottles. They filled Don’s car. He can return them for a refund to help Sean.

McDonalds is donating refreshments (coffee) including cream and sugar for up to 350 attendees at the Sean Connor Benefit Art and Photography Auction at Kerry Park in Kelowna, October 1, 2001 from 11:30am to 3:30pm.


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