As time flows past…

29 Nov

As time flows past...

I ought to say that things did not turn out the way we expected back in the 60s. I was a teenager then and a lot of my friends were covered with hair. There were drugs about, but there was a lot more going on then than just drugs. My buddies carried “stash bags” (to keep your stash of drugs in). I had one too, but I kept a camera in it.

We wanted a better world. We thought that we were the majority. We would fix things. If we had to, we could change things when the old people (who had screwed it up) died out, like dinosaurs.

A cartoon character in Pogo said, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” If we ever were the majority, a few of us must have switched sides.

What is left? A pending economic crash? More misery than ever? More misery? I thought about it, and I realized that these things are not very important to me. What do I really care about?

It’s not that difficult. I don’t fixate on whether someone has more of something than I do. I care more about what kind of person I am. I want to try to be more of the person I want to be. So, ultimately, I can win this game.


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