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Trying and Failing

11 Oct

A few weeks back, I heard from Don Sipos, about a friend’s brain
cancer and started writing about it. Sean Connor, a Kelowna
photo-journalist had recently found that he has a cancer in his
brain. It’s a career-ending, life-threatening thing.

I posted on every social media site I knew of, and in a blog. I was
surprised when Facebook flagged it as newsworthy. I was also
pleased for the help they were giving me.

Don arranged a Art & Photography Auction to benefit Sean. I wrote
about it, publishing everywhere I could. On the day of the auction, I
helped deliver tents, chairs, a table and art to the venue.

It was a rotten day. It was cold and it rained. Almost twelve people
stood around talking and wishing for warmth and buyers. Four or five
people bought paintings and photographs. A few donated. At the end of
the day, cold and wet, we packed up and went home.

I have to ask myself ‘why would I do that’? I have no answer, but I had
to do it. I’d do it again. You don’t try – you do. I hope the next time I
do something like this that I have more people listening to me, that
more people will participate next time I run around, screaming for help.

The Kelowna Capital News will sell the remaining artworks at their
offices. If you live in Kelowna, drop in and have a look. You can help
Sean and get something nice for your wall. Or you can help by sending
money in care of Don. You can PayPal a donation to:

The auction could have been a lot better. But, who knows, I might get
over it.


Sean’s California Adventure

27 Sep

Red Tinsel Garland

Spirit of the Season

Sean is in Loma Linda now, getting treatment for his brain tumor. Don Sipos and I have been trying to raise money for his travel and living expenses, but it’s a struggle and Sean’s living on a credit card. This weekend we have an Art and Photography auction. I have no idea how it’s going to be. I have a 24″X36″ canvas and a 10″X12″ print I’m donating. I would have donated more, but was told to pick two and limit it to that. My selling price for those two prints would be $2000. I hope they sell for more.